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Who We Are

Since1995, Phoenix/New Freedom programs has been developing a wide variety of effective mental health, substance abuse, and gang programing for both adults and juveniles. Our evidence-based/evidence-informed resources are currently in use in more than 2500 programs in all 50 US states and internationally, including:

  • more than 100 Federal Bureau of Prisons programs
  • all adult and juvenile programs statewide in Tennessee
  • 30+ adult correctional facilities in New York State
  • 20+ adult correctional facilities in Wisconsin
  • 15+ adult correctional facilities in Georgia
  • all adult programs statewide Arkansas Department of Community Corrections
  • substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis units at Riker’s Island (NYC jails)
  • adult prisons, jails, and community corrections/probation/parole nationwide
  • international programs: Belize, Singapore, Australia, Canada
All of our programming is change programming-- risk factor-focused (both internal and external), firmly grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, infused with Motivational Interviewing tools, and built on the Stages of Change model.

All our materials follow the risk-need-responsivity model (addressing high needs), and are written in a high interest, easy reading style. We have both ready-to-go programs and programs whose model was specifically developed for the individual customer. We build all our programs by starting with outcomes– what specifically will change– and working backwards to ensure these outcomes are met.

We sell our programs on a site license basis. Each licensed site is authorized to duplicate the materials at will for as long as they use the programs. We never ask for additional fees or re-licensing. We apply a discount for purchases for multiple sites.

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