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Spanish Gang Intervention Resources

We provide comprehensive gang intervention and gang prevention curriculums and resources in Spanish. These resources includes key elements to prepare participants for intervention programming, significant gang intervention program resources, a core program based on CBT and problem solving skills, and a comprehensive transition resource for returning to the community. Nearly 60 resources provide a comprehensive program in Spanish, which can be conducted in a comparable fashion to our New Freedom and gang intervention and gang prevention (see the difference between intervention and prevention programs) resources. Program length can range up to 300 program sessions.

Una Libertad Nueva

Una Libertad Nueva is a comprehensive Spanish language substance abuse, gang intervention, gang prevention, and behavioral health curriculum resource that addresses both educational and therapeutic goals. These state-of-the-art materials can be used with groups, in the classroom setting, as treatment "homework," for in-cell study, and with individuals. This material addresses areas such as cognitive-behavioral change, risk factors management, coping skills, and the development of realistic self-efficacy in relapse prevention. Available in both Spanish and English language versions for gang intervention and gang prevention programs.

Program Options

More than 60 workbooks available in both Spanish and English.

Gang Intervention & Gang Prevention Program Resources

Sample workbooks include:

  • What Was On Your Mind? — challenges the gang mindset
  • What Do You Need? — needs and gangs
  • Living a Nonviolent Life 1 and 2
  • Understanding Yourself 1 and 2 — risk factors approach
  • Criminal Values
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Coping Skills for Emergencies
  • You Have Options!

Basic Community Youth Diversion Program

Sample titles include "You Have Options," "Gangs," "Violence At Home," and "Problems At Home."

New Freedom - Package NFA

20+ workbooks, 133+ hour program.

Sample workbooks include: What went wrong?, Reasons to change, Preventing relapse, Coping skills for emergencies, Handling tough situations

New Freedom - Custom Program

Get a customized 100 hour curriculum.

Returning Home

18 workbooks, 87+ hour program. Sample titles include: Your first few days, Dealing with people in new ways, Making positive steps to take control of your life, Practice in handling difficult situations, Safety nets, Making long-term changes

NFA and RH combined

Combined 220+ hour curriculum.

Program Options for Detention and Probation

Curriculo Phoenix

A 25-hour program based on the popular Phoenix Curriculum. Useful for pre-release and probation programs, this material addresses problem solving and life skills issues.

Programa Comunadarios ("Community Program")

A basic community youth diversion program.

Pricing Scheme

Our innovative site license allows you to make unlimited duplications of our material for use in programs at your school or facility. Discounts are available for small facilities and longer programs. Please contact us for details.

The programs listed above are available in both Spanish and combination Spanish/English language versions. Our programs are highly customizable. Discounts are available for Spanish/English combination packages.

More Information

Resource Catalog — a PDF listing of all of our resources. The last eight pages include Spanish language resources. [PDF]

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